The Modern Horizon, Inc. is an electronics and security exporting company which aims to distribute U.S. manufacturing systems to its base location in Iraq. Its proposed location in Westlake, Ohio will be the place where US products are housed before exportation.

Headed by Executive Director Mr. Mustapha Khalid Khudair, the company shall distribute U.S. communications and security systems to both large and small-scale companies in Iraq. With regards to its products, the company has already agreed upon distributing the products of FLIR Systems, one of the world’s largest commercial corporations for thermal imaging and infrared camera systems.

In addition, the Al-Najaf International Airport in Iraq has made agreements with the company to establish security and computer systems.

The Modern Horizon provides services to both locations in the United States and Iraq. By first purchasing US products from FLIR, Motorola, RapiScan, and other huge commercial companies, the company is able to expand its distributing services towards different brand names. This will enable expansion to other branches that have supplementary services in exporting cars and spare parts.



The Modern Horizon, Inc. has a wide variety of US products available for distribution to Iraq. This includes:

Security systems

Communications systems

Internet services

Network devices

CCTVs (Closed Circuit Television)

Computers and computer accessories

Spare electronics parts

Mobile accessories

Software and operating systems

Software and website development

Training and supporting contracts